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Bag In Box Packaging

Bag in box packaging consists of a multilayer flexible aluminium pouch inside a rigid corrugated box.

The pouch is fitted with a tap for dispensing. Bag in box packaging is designed for use with liquid products very sensitive to air, sunlight and microbiological spoilage.

At Sundrop Fruit Juices Bhd. , bag in box packaging is used to store liquid beverage concentrates and supplied to consumers preparing beverages using drink dispensers or using post mix dispensers.


Liquid beverage concentrates are much more convenient to use than powdered or solid concentrates & also give a better tasting product.


No pre-dissolving is required, since the concentrates are already dispersed in a soluble form. Hence, no hot water, or heavy blending is required during use. Our liquid concentrates are cold water and even ice water soluble. Being readily dispersible, beverages can be prepared very fast (in seconds) from liquid concentrates.


Liquid concentrates are suitable for use in small portions e.g. 300ML cups, unlike powdered concentrates which must be prepared in large quantities, say 5 litres. This allows a mix-on-demand type of operation which eliminates wastage. For this reason, no dispensing machines are required since there is no need to chill the unsold portion of the beverages.


Liquid concentrates give better flavour than powdered concentrate. Powdered concentrates are prepared by drying liquid concentrates. During the drying process, a lot of the original flavour is lost.


The use of liquid concentrates allow the use of a mix-on-demand type of dispensing machine called a post-mix machine. Post mix machine allows very fast and accurate mixing of liquid concentrate and water, up to 10 cups a minute. Post mix machine needs very little cleaning or maintenance, since no diluted concentrates are kept within the machine.