Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysa, a land of vast primeval forests, swamps and mighty rivers.
A land of Longhouses, Orang Utans, Hornbills, Probosis Monkeys, and Rafessia flowers.
A land with a rich and diverse population, consisting of more than 26 ethnic tribes, Biduyuhs, Kayans, Kenyahs, Punans, Kelabits, Lun Bawang, Melanaus, Malays, Chinese, to name a few.
A land of clean air, unpolluted rivers and seas, where one may savour the beauty of unspoiled nature.
But Sarawak is also a land of vast distances and communities without basic infrastructure like schools, running water, electricity, internet or phone converage and inaccessible except on dirt tracks, boats and 4 wheel drives.  A land of grinding proverty with much of the population condemned to subsistance living.
Manufacturing has long suffered due to lack of skilled manpower and logistics. Similarly argriculture has suffered because of the small, scattered population and lack of export infrastructure.
At Sundrop Fruit Juices we are committed to uplifting local agriculture, and with it the livelihood of our native population as part of our Corporate Social Responsiblity Program.  We do this by paying good prices for local produce, and processing it into an exportable product.  In return, the farmers must follow our guidelines and adopt ethical farming practices like proper fruit harvesting, storage, transportation and of course, no pesticides.
The case of Limau Kasturi, the local lime, grown by local farmers is a case in point.  The fruit is highly seasonal, with prices ranging from RM10 per kg during off season to RM1.00 or worse during peak season. We estimate at least 70% of limau kasturis are left to rot in any given year due to glut in the local market at peak season.
Sundrop Fruit Juices Bhd has developed a proprietry process whereby the 100% fruit may be harvested and coverted into a puree which can be stored at least 1 year.  This puree is used by our manufacturing plant located in Kuching, Sarawak, to produce a can lime juice which has a shelf life of 2 years without refrigeration.